Mobile pattern definition

AppFolio is an online property management platform for residential and rental property managers. We had the opportunity to team up with the Appfolio UX team to collaborate on the definition of patterns used for desktop and mobile versions. A real challenge, as the platform includes more than 500 interfaces.

appfolio_5 appfolio_6 appfolio_4
appfolio_5 appfolio_6 appfolio_4

We worked hand to hand with appfolio team, understanding the platform and intensely checking the context of use for each interface we were about to design. This process included a 2-day immersion with the team (also involving the developers), part of which was a design studio workshop that successfully concluded with the definition of a clear path and enough material to start working on the UI.


We explored various pattern sets based on the elements of the most popular interfaces to date. Once the hierarchy of content was established we created multiple visualization options, all of which could be arranged and grouped for tablets and/or desktop.



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